What To Wear For A Family Photo Shoot?

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What To Wear For A Family Photo Shoot Cover

The most common dilemma you can find yourself in is what to wear for a family photoshoot. On the one hand, you are looking forward to being as stylish and hip as you want to be, but then you have to look forward to the family theme that is quite apparent and common these days in group photoshoots.

But the most important thing I can say is to be comfortable and confident in your fashion. That’s the whole key to having a great time at family gatherings.

You wouldn’t want yourself to look nervous in a family photo. Of course, there are no retakes. So let’s have a friendly discussion on how you can avoid pressure and be yourself while also pleasing your family at the same time.

It seems like a tall order, but you can pull it off probably. I know you will. Just don’t go for a heavy metal mohawk, rebellious look. You might scare off children or probably your parents too

What To Wear For Family Photographs

Family photographs are kept as memoirs and hold sentimental value for many. You look at the photo, and all those memories come rushing in.

photographer taking pictures of a couple

It is a fun time, and you know you have to be the best-looking person in that photo. It’s almost a competition, but nothing serious. Let’s discuss this further.

#1: Think About The Environment

In a family photograph or any other photograph, the background is the most crucial part aside from the main subject itself.

Background though itself isn’t the main focus, the main subject can either stand out vividly or not be visible at all depending on the background and if it agrees with the subject.

So whenever you are taking a picture, regardless of whether it is or is not a family photo, remember to choose a background most suited to your needs.

#2: Choose A Color Palette

Color is an indispensable element in a photograph even when a picture is black and white, the hue and depth of the blackness determine the palette.

For a picture to be in harmony, it must follow an appropriate color palette. A palette is a scheme of colors. Colors that don’t adhere to a palette stand out like sore points on a clean canvas.

You simply can’t photograph an optical migraine, and no matter how you put it, opposite colors don’t go together. So have a palette ready for the photo.

#3: Choose Your Family’s Palette

Now that you have dressed according to a palette, have the other people appearing in the photograph dress accordingly to their palettes. If they are unsure or unable to select a palette for themselves, then do it for them.

photographer taking pictures of a family of six

It would be better for the photographer to pick everyone’s palette because it would ensure harmony between different palettes, just like there’s harmony between colors inside a palette, and that would be a determining factor for a great photograph.

#4: Choose Your Family’s Outfits

Just the color of your family’s outfits needs to be following a palette, and it is also juand st as equally important for all the outfits worn by the family members to adhere to some certain standard so that everything is uniform and seamless.

To give an example of what to avoid, you can’t have one guy wearing a suit and another one in jeans if you are to take a photo worthy of passing down to a younger generation as an heirloom.

#5: Think About The Home Decor

You can essentially think of it as a sub-case of background selection in which a certain wall or perhaps your living room is the background for the photo and so treat it as such.

family with some Christmas lights and tree

This only implies that you didn’t go through the trouble of erecting an artificial background. In such a case, get someone or yourself to tidy up the place a bit before you take the photo. Just have it clean enough to avoid any unpleasantness that would ruin a memorable picture.

#6: Don’t Forget About The Shoes

Shoes, how can someone forget? You would hate for them to be an unpleasant sight in the picture, especially if you dressed up nice in every other way. I should also mention not to select any footwear that is in disagreement with the whole environment.

Although it’s obvious, don’t wear crocs or slippers when the environment is formal and when it’s casual, wear something that goes with it. Shoes may be beneath your feet, but they define how you look and are in no way unimportant.

#7: Keep It Simple & Comfortable

Exaggeration is pretense, and overdressing speaks highly of the hollowness inside above all, it’s uncomfortable and can ruin your picture for you.

photographer taking pictures of a family

In a family photo where the viewer’s attention should be evenly spread, you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to the point of criticism and disdain. So dress within limits of comfort so that something so trivial as a picture is not hard on you.

#8: Choose Bright Colors

Colors can breathe life into places where it wasn’t before and vice versa. They give an appearance of vivacity as if the picture itself is breathing.

All only when they are correctly used because incorrect usage could have quite the opposite effect, and overuse could make someone’s headache on a single look.

Avoid the use of Grey, if you want to choose black, choose the shiny kind. Use vivid colors but set a limit on the brightness of what you wear.

#9: Don’t Wear Too Many Outfits At Once

Just like the way it was explained earlier, do not overdress. Try to look at the part but not overdo it. Avoid the use of too many unnecessary accessories, too, because it would lead to an uncomfortable bother where you might even find it difficult to walk.

a photographer taking pictures of a three person family

Among the accessories you should use is a wristwatch if they go with your outfit for men and light jewelry for women, like a couple of bangles on each arm.

#10: Involve Them In Conversation

Especially since it is a family photograph, it would be beneficial to involve your family in the process. A few extra brains can never do any harm, and it would be nice to pay heed to their words and find out what ideas they have for the framed photo prints, how they would like to get dressed, and what would their choice of background be.

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#11: You Don’t Need To Be Anything

Though it is necessary to pose for a picture, you needn’t pose as someone else. In a family photograph that is going to be framed and will help future generations remember you, you need to be yourself because you need everyone to remember you as you were and not as an empty façade that you were not. Be strong, smile, try to look the part, and try to look you.

#12: Don’t Wear Turtlenecks Or Hoodies

There are some outfits that you could probably rock in a solo photograph but are just not meant for a group photo, especially if that group photo happens to be a family photo. Among them are turtlenecks and hoodies.

a guying wearing turtleneck

Turtlenecks, and with them, if you have an expression to match, can often portray you as someone of a contemptuous snob in a picture, so they aren’t the way to go. Same with hoodies, but instead, their portrayal of you could range from amateur to rebellious.

#13: Don’t put babies in skirts

Babies may not often be the most important of the people appearing in the picture, but they are always a point of attention. Infants attract people, so dress them and keep this crucial piece of information in mind.

Babies do like to run around free, and it might be hard to hold them still for the picture but dress them properly for the occasion. No man wants to grow up and find a picture of his childhood that’s more embarrassing than cute.

#14: What Not To Wear

Things that you shouldn’t wear when being photographed solely depend on the theme. Don’t go in jeans if everyone else is in a suit, and avoid a suit if everyone else prefers jeans.

Even after that, there is something you should generally avoid for a group picture. Like a hat that could hide someone’s face or a goodie that would make you obscure. Be considerate and dress accordingly.

#15: Don’t Say Yes To Everything

Earlier, you had been told to consult your family and benefit from their advice and ideas, but it is also imperative that you bring in to use your own discretion and refuse to pay heed to all the ideas that find their way to your ear.

Some suggestions are genuinely stupid and should be avoided as such. Discretion is important when selecting a theme because it dictates the tone of the whole photograph.

#16: Think About Your Background

The background is a defining part of a photograph, and while it should be neat and contrasting with your main subject, it needn’t be simple or plain. Your background can be whatever you want it to be, so play around creatively and breathe some life into it.

camera screen showing picture of a couple

Only the result and not words can tell you how much of a change it makes to switch from plain background to another one. A creatively composed picture with a careful background can add layers of depth to enhance a picture.

Final Verdict:

In the end, you need to understand that your dress explains what kind of person you are. It reflects your personality and tells a lot more than you can imagine.

Anyone who would look at those family photos will know what kind of human being are you. This is a powerful thing that shouldn’t be ignored.

So make sure you choose something special and unique to your own personality, so when later on in your life you decide to hang this photo on the wall, every time you look at it, it reminds you of good memories and your impeccable fashion sense. I am sure your family will love this gesture for many years to come.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best colors to wear for family pictures?

For family pictures, you have to choose something decent and elegant. Something speaks style and elegance. So bright fancy colors are straight-up banned. Choose something dark but warm looking. Mostly maroon and tan shades work better, but go according to the theme at the moment.

What is the best thing to wear for family pictures?

Anything that speaks modesty and decency will rock. For men, it’s mostly casual jeans or fitted suits. Women can go for jumpsuits or floral pattern shirts. Whatever you can wear and then own it like a boss

What should you not wear for pictures?

Strictly avoid short skirts or indecent dressing. For sunny day photoshoots, do not choose dark colors. Big pattern t-shirts look hilarious in a bad way for formal gatherings, so actively avoid it.

What should a family wear for an outdoor photoshoot?

If you are doing an outdoor photoshoot, so chances are it is a non-winter season. You can go for casual t-shirts, jeans, trainers, or anything that is light and cool and doesn’t make you sweat like an athlete running the marathon.

What should a family wear for a winter photoshoot?

Winter outdoor photoshoots are hilarious and kind of fuzzy looking at the same time. Everyone is rocking big layered jackets, and warm wooly clothes to keep them warm, it’s almost like a dress code they are following.

But looking at the photo later might give you a warm and fuzzy feeling if you are a fan of winter. Choose knitted sweaters with bright colors because you have to take advantage of the snowy white background. Bright colors will appear more fleshed out.

What should a family wear for summer pictures?

Most people will opt for polos and khaki pants in summer because of obvious reasons. But you can choose light t-shirts with cool colors like sky blue or oceanic green. Look for compatible and complementary colors because you have to let other people know that you are part of one huge family.

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