How To Make Your Camera Quality Better Easily?

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how to make camera quality better

Photography is a skill, and it has to do with how you use it just as much as the resolution and quality of the Camera you are holding in your hand.

You might have seen those fantastic “shot on iPhone” or “Shot on Xiaomi” photos that look way better than what you see when you open the viewfinder of those phones.

These pictures are no doubt taken by those same phones; however, the photographers have used some tricks to enhance those photos. Now, suppose you want those tips and tricks.

In that case, I am here for you as in this article I will tell you how to make Camera quality better on various cameras and get photos which are near to professional quality without you spending a lot of money.

How To Make Your Camera Quality Better On iPhone

iPhones are great comparatively great when it comes to their cameras. The fine folks at Apple are doing their best to improve the cameras on their latest iPhone every year, and you can get some great photos using them.

Image of an Iphone

Here are some ways to improve your camera quality on an Apple iPhone.

Keep Steady For Sharp iPhone Photos

Keeping your iPhone steady when taking a picture is essential to taking a sharp photo. A resulting Photograph can get blurred very easily if you find your hand shaking with tremors, especially when your subject is not lit properly, and the camera needs to capture a lot of light.

Image of a woman taking pictures with iPhone

Therefore, it is recommended that you try keeping your iPhone steady using a Tripod that will stabilize your phone and let you take sharper photos.

Some iPhone camera enthusiasts even recommend using remote shutter buttons to avoid touching the phone so that your phone experiences no movement while photographing your subject.

You Should Light Your Subject Well

Lighting is everything when it comes to Photography. The better your subject is lit, the better your chances of getting a great photo. So, you must pay attention to the lighting when taking a picture.

If you are in low light conditions, you should use flash or, better yet, some cheap ring lights to light your subject. Ambient lighting can also let you take better-quality photos on your iPhone.

Use A Tripod

As I mentioned earlier, your phone can shake while taking a Photo and distort the image due to hand tremors. Phone cameras nowadays have Optical or Electrical image stabilization, which can mitigate some of those tremors.

Image of an iphone on tripod

However, it is better to use a tripod while taking a photograph so that your phone does not move. The resulting photo quality can be a lot better, and if you are in low light conditions, your phone will have enough time to let lots of light in without you shaking it.

Use Either Pro or Manual Mode

There are two modes available to you on your iPhone. One of them is Auto, while the other one is manual mode.

In auto mode, the phone does all the work for use, like adjusting the ISO, aperture, white balance, shutter speed, etc., and takes away your ability to be fully creative with your photos.

In manual or pro mode, the iPhone camera lets you experiment with all the different camera settings at your disposal. You can change these settings according to the conditions and your subject.

It takes barely 10 minutes to understand these settings; however, once you do, you will be equipped with the required knowledge to be much more creative with your photo than auto mode would have allowed you.

Clean Your Lens

Your iPhone is the device you use and carry around daily. You have it in your pocket and in your hands, most of the day, which is why it can get dirty, and dirt can go into the lens. This is why it is essential that before you take a photo, you should clean your lens.

You do not have to do a lot to clean your lens. Just take a cloth and clean your lens with it, and you should be ready.

Zoom And Lock Focus

One of the things you should do to make the photo of your subject a lot better is to lock the focus on your Camera upon your subject. This will make it so that your phone does not divert to other subjects in the frame and only pays attention to your subject.

Zooming in on your subject while locking the focus can result in some fine pictures. However, do not zoom in so much that your image gets distorted. It is better to get closer to the subject if you have to use the zoom functionality more than 2x.

Adjusting Exposure Manually Can Be Done

If you are working with a photo with a light source in the background, then you can manually lower the exposure by just sliding your finger on the screen to reduce the impact of that light source.

You can also enhance the exposure by sliding up on your screen if you are working in low light conditions to get more light in and light up your subject. Adjusting your exposure according to your environment can easily be done on an iPhone.

Use Burst Mode

Burst mode is a feature used primarily by professional photographers who mainly take photos of moving objects. This feature lets you take many pictures in a fraction of a second.

using the burst mode on Iphone X

You can use burst mode on your iPhone to take many photographs of your subjects, especially if your subject is moving, and you can find the best photo at the end of the session. This gives you a lot of options and flexibility.

You Can Shoot Raw Or Create The Best Image Quality

You have many options on what photo you can take on your iPhone. The Raw quality is the best as it takes an image with all the details in your background and does not compress it. The resulting image will be larger; however, you will get the best quality.

Raw mode in iPhone

Raw image files also let you play around with the photo in post-production without compromising quality. This is the reason if you want to capture the best photos, then capturing them in Raw is your best bet.

Using The Grid Feature Can Help You Achieve Better Composition

You can use the Grid feature on your iPhone to apply the coveted rule of the third to get better photos. The rule of the third means that your subjects should be aligned at the grid line intersection, which somehow gives your image more life.

Correctly using the rule of the thirds will change forever the quality of the photos you get out of your iPhone. Your phots will have more life and will no longer look static.

You Can Use HDR To Help You Shoot Under Difficult Conditions

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which is available on your iPhone. However, most people do not know when HDR can be used. No HDR is not some magic button that will churn out better photos.

Instead, HDR should be used so that it can help you shoot under difficult conditions. Suppose you are taking a picture of where the light source is in the frame. To minimize the impact of that light source and give you an overall uniformly lit image, HDR should be used.

Blurring The Background Can Be Done Using Portrait Mode

If you want to get some beautiful depth of field or bokeh behind your subject, you should use Portrait mode while taking your photos. This is probably one of the best features the iPhone camera has, and you should use it as much as possible.

The blurred background photos look a lot more life-like, and getting that beautiful bokeh behind your subject on your phone is something that blew my mind when I got my hands on an iPhone X back in 2017. The portrait mode is an absolute godsend and gives many professional cameras a run for the money.

You Can Store Photos As HEIC Files And Export Them As JPEG

iPhones typically store your Photos in the HEIC format, which came in iOS 11 in 2017, which allowed you to preserve the image quality while at the same time compressing them, unlike JPEG, which compromises the quality during compression.

Apple iPhones allow you to store your Photos in HEIC format; however, once you have edited them, you can transfer or export them as JPEG files, a widely supported image file format.

How To Make Your Camera Quality Better On Android

Android Phones, for many years, have been playing catch up with iPhones when it comes to camera quality. Many Android manufacturers try their best to give you the best cameras on their phones, and many succeed.

However, if you do not know how to use your Android Camera to the best of your abilities, then even those 108MP shooters will not do you much good. Here are some ways to improve your camera quality on an Android.

You Should Know Your Phones Camera Settings

One of the first things you should know before embarking on a photography journey is understanding the camera settings. Unlike iPhones, which have standard settings, Android phones can have many different settings for every phone.

This is why you must understand all the settings and features you have on your phone so that you can fully harness the power of your Camera and get professional quality photos out of your Android Phone.

Set Your Resolution High

Now once you have understood the setting of your Camera, the next thing you are going to do is crank up the resolution of your photos in the settings of your Camera.

In the interest of saving space, Android cameras set the resolution to the medium settings like a 12 MP shooter will be set to 8 MP. So, to get a high-quality photo, crank up the resolution of your Camera.

Yes, The Rear Camera Is The Primary Camera

Even though it might be tempting sometimes to get a photo using the front camera, it is the rear Camera you should use for the best quality photos. The best Camera on your phone is always the rear Camera which is why this should be your primary Camera.

Image of a person taking photos

The front Camera is usually designed to take selfies and attend video calls, so refrain from using it if you want to do some serious photography.

You Should Clean Your Lenses Properly Before Using Them

Before turning on a stream or a meeting, you must clean your webcam with a cloth. Dust tends to build up on the camera lens with time which is why to improve the webcam quality, and you should be sure that it is clean.

Better Lighting

Lighting is the lifeblood of Photography; if your lighting is poor, your photos will automatically be poor. That is why you should know you should make sure that you have ample lighting while taking your shot.

Image of a ring light

If you are working with lower lighting conditions, you should use an artificial light source like a ring light and crank up the exposure in manual mode, giving you more of a lit photo.

Make Sure Your Phone Stays Stable

Hand tremors can ruin your photo by making it blurred, so you must keep your phone steady in your hands.

Optical and electrical image stabilization can also help you somewhat in taking a stable photo; however, you should invest in a tripod or a mount to keep your phone fully stable during Photography.

Tripods Will Protect You From Any Mishaps

A tripod that keeps your phone stable is one of the best things you can buy to get nicer photos. Tripods are extremely cheap and widely available.

Using a tripod will help you get more stable photos and improve the quality of the pictures you take with them. It will also save your images from hand tremors that distort and blur them.

You Can Download Camera Apps For Free

There are various camera applications you can download to harness the power of your android phone camera; however, I am not much of the third-party applications. If you are using a pixel, then one of the best applications for Photography is already built into your phone.

showing some Apps in my android phone
Image Credits: Azamat E

However, suppose you have an Android Phone from Xiaomi or Oppo which can sometimes get buggy camera applications. In that case, you can download a modded pixel camera application from XDA developers, which should give you better quality photos.

How To Make Camera Quality Better On Webcam

If you are a twitch streamer or want to improve the quality of your webcam without splurging on a webcam, here are a few tips you should use.

Change Your Settings

The first tip to improve your camera quality on a webcam is adjusting and changing the settings. Changing the setting on your webcam can be especially hard on windows, which is why I recommend using OBS studio to feed the webcam to twitch and zoom.

image of a redragon webcam
Image Credits: Rebekah Yip

You should crank up the fps on your webcam and change the color temperature to get the best footage out of your webcam.

Increase The Amount Of Light Available

If you are a serious streamer or have a lot of zoom meetings, then one of the best things you can do to increase the quality of the webcam is by increasing the lighting on your face.

Investing in a cheap ring light will do the trick for you. It will not only increase the quality of your webcam but also hide the blemishes on your face, giving you much better footage.

Change Your Screen Resolution

The next thing you should do to increase the quality of your webcam is increasing its resolution. This usually depends on your webcam; typically, webcams are not set at their best resolution.

So, if you use a 1080p webcam, cran the resolution to 1080p in OBS or some other software to see better results.

Make Sure To Use Better Audio

Your Video is just as good as your audio. I have heard this advice from every YouTuber I know, and it does make a lot of sense. You can have the best-looking footage and stream; however, if your audio is bad, your audience will lose interest.

Make sure to use external mics. Mics are incredibly cheap, and investing in one should give you much better audio. You can also play around with the equalizer, so your audio can improve.

Clean The Lens To Remove Dust Particles

Before turning on a stream or a meeting, you must clean your webcam with a cloth. Dust tends to build up on the camera lens with time which is why to improve the webcam quality, and you should be sure that it is clean.


Well, this sums up my discussion about improving your Camera’s quality. There are various ways you can improve the quality of your Camera; the best way to do so is to improve your skill.

If your skills are not up to the mark and you do not understand the intricacies of your camera application, then you will not be able to master your camera application fully. So take your time and learn the ins and outs so that your images can turn out to be of the best quality.


Well, this sums up my discussion about improving your Camera’s quality. There are various ways you can improve the quality of your Camera; the best way to do so is to improve your skill.

If your skills are not up to the mark and you do not understand the intricacies of your camera application, then you will not be able to master your camera application fully. So take your time and learn the ins and outs so that your images can turn out to be of the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What’s the Best Camera App?

Answer: The best camera application on an iPhone and Androids are the built-in camera applications that are specifically tuned to your Camera’s specifications.

However, some camera applications can be buggy which is why you have the option to get a modded pixel camera application for your phone from places like XDA developers.

Q2- What Makes a camera picture good quality?

Answer: Your Camera can have all the specs in the world; however, if you do not know how to use it properly, then you will not be able to get the best-looking photo. So, in my opinion, the photographer’s skill makes the picture of good quality.

Q3- Why is my camera quality so poor?

Answer: If you think your camera quality is poorer than usual, then your camera lens may be dirty, and there might be some dust building up in there. Just pick up a cloth and wipe the lens of your camera; your camera quality should improve.

Q4- Why is the iPhone Camera better?

Answer: iPhone cameras are better, in my opinion, because they focus more on the picture’s quality than the Camera’s specifications.

The best iPhone camera is just 12 MP, whereas Android cameras give you 108 MP, but iPhone cameras are still better.

Q5- Does Storage affect camera quality?

Answer: Your image format rather than your Storage can affect the camera quality. You should capture your photos in Raw to get the best quality possible.

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