Where to Buy Silver: Guide to Buying Silver

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Holding silver as an asset has always been a popular way of managing risks and protecting assets to some extent. Whether you are an experienced investor in precious metals or a beginner, it is important to know where to buy silver and how to find the right bullion dealer. With these considerations in mind, this guide will help you find out where to buy silver without much hassle.

Whether you patronize leading e-shops or turn to local dealers, we’ll assist you in making wiser choices so that the investment that was made was worth it. It is time to explore the landscape of silver acquisition and find the entities that can provide access to this metal.

Best Ways to Buy Physical Silver

It is possible to buy modern silver bullion from both private mints and government mints. Yet, most mints don’t offer retail purchases directly from their facility. You must visit bullion dealers to buy silver or gold coins and bars.

Bullion means physical, highly pure silver, as opposed to financial tools, including silver shares, ETFs, or silver CFDs.

Before we look into where to buy silver, let’s discuss the best types of physical silver to buy:

Silver Coins

Silver bullion coins are perhaps the most common method of owning silver, and they rank highly in terms of demand. Apart from 90% silver coins, 35%, 40%, and 99.9% or more pure silver coins are available as well. Silver coins having a purity of .999 or above are called bullion coins and can be eligible for IRA investments.

Some examples are-

  • American Eagle coins from the U.S. Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint’s Maple Leaf coins
  • Britannia Coins from Great Britain’s Royal Mint
  • Koala Coins from Australia’s Perth Mint

These coins come in several sizes, shapes, denominations, and finenesses to accommodate a wide range of customers who are into collecting or investing.

The primary catch of buying silver in coins is that they tend to cost more than a silver round or bar of the same fineness and weight due to their numismatic value. The buyers may receive extra benefits if they purchase an adequate quantity of the product.

Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are not issued by any government, and they come with different designs. Silver rounds can be 99.9% pure but are unmonetized silver discs, so they typically cannot be legal tenders. While most of them are artistically designed, you can also find plain ones.

Since they are not considered legal tender, they appeal to silver collectors and investors for the following reasons: They are easily distinguishable from coins, available in specific weights and purity levels, and, in most instances, command a lower premium than numismatic coins.

Silver Bars and Ingots

In most cases, silver bars are more affordable than other forms of investment in silver bullion. If people want to choose something other than rounds, they can opt for the silver bars. While there are cases where coins are bought at a few percentage points over the spot price, silver bars can be bought at just a minimal premium over the spot.

Not very artistic in nature, silver bars provide one of the most economical ways of buying physical silver. Of course, if someone would like to enjoy the art, some of the bars are designed beautifully and hence would cost a little extra.

Is Silver a Good Investment?

Currently, silver is prized due to its use as an industrial commodity as well as an investment asset. It is widely used in the modern fields of technology, renewable energy sources, medical sector, etc., due to its flexibility, non-corrosive attribute, thermal and electrical conductivity, and anti-bacterial nature.

Being a precious metal, silver is an ideal store of value, especially during events like geopolitical risks. Some prefer buying physical silver bullion due to third-party risks, storage, and incremental diversification.

The silver bullion investment market in the United States is predictable due to its established standards. However, investors must exercise vigilance by monitoring the silver spot price today, geopolitical events, and premiums on their bullion while making investments.

Can You Buy Silver at the Bank?

Currently, few banks provide direct investment in physical silver to public clients. Those that do may have very high premiums for their silver, and it is important again that the silver is earmarked and on standby for delivery upon request.

Although the banks act on silver derivatives products, these hardly contain the same degree of financial securitization as your portfolio and generally fail to offer outright possession of actual silver.

Hence, for direct ownership and security, investors should look at the dedicated bullion dealers and mints who offer allocated silver investments. Then where to buy silver near me?

You can buy silver bullion bars in the US from various sources:

  1. Online Marketplaces: While convenient, exercise caution with private sellers due to potential risks. Opt for reputable silver bullion dealers for certified products, low premiums, and reliable service. Most of the dealers are available on marketplaces such as eBay.
  2. High Street Dealers: Local silver shops provide convenience and fast availability but can be expensive because of overhead costs. Some choose this option for touch inspection of goods before purchase. Some prefer this option for hands-on inspection before purchase.
  3. Silver Bullion Dealers: Some long-standing bullion dealers have been in operation for years, offering very competitive premiums, positive reviews, and extra services, including buy-backs and storage all over the world. Always take the time to read the various reviews on Google and Trustpilot to compare the various sellers of the available online silver bullion dealers.


Therefore, entry into the silver market requires deliberation based on your investment objectives in mind and whether you are keen on coins or bars. So, we have answered the question of “Where to buy silver?”

While there are reputed online dealers who offer their convenience and guaranteed merchandise, there are also local shops where one can get immediate access. The knowledge of premiums, available storage strategies, and the flow of the market will be useful to make good decisions.

A safer approach to investing in silver is to conduct thorough research and select a reputable dealer, regardless of whether you purchase silver coins for their aesthetic appeal or silver bars for their cost-effectiveness.

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