What is Apricot Scale? How to Identify and Train Strongly

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Vảy hoa mai is a fairly rare type of scale in fighting cocks, considered a sign of talented fighting cocks with extraordinary strength. Therefore, it is very sought after and sought after by the fighting chicken world. According to many rumors, this scaly chicken has the ability to win almost every match. Below, let’s find out information, signs of recognition as well as how to train them!

What is apricot scales in fighting cocks? What kind of power do you have?

Apricot scales are one of the rare types of scales and are considered a symbol of the strength, endurance and excellent fighting ability of fighting cocks. Possessing this scale, your cock is not only beautiful but also has hidden strength, ready to defeat all opponents. Chickens possessing this type of scale will possess outstanding strength, specifically as follows:

Apricot scales in fighting cocks and their strength

  • Apricot scales are like a secret “weapon” that helps chickens launch powerful, accurate kicks, leaving opponents unable to react in time.
  • Apricot-scale chicken spurs are usually sturdy, sharp and have high damage ability, easily defeating opponents in an instant.
  • Thanks to their thick, sturdy scales, these chickens have the ability to defend effectively, avoiding dangerous attacks from opponents.
  • Possessive chicken apricot scales They have extraordinary endurance, allowing them to compete for long periods of time without getting tired.
  • This fighting cock is famous for its ability to strike lightning fast, launching dangerous kicks at unexpected times, leaving the opponent unable to react in time.

Signs to identify chickens with apricot scales 

Chickens possessing this type of scale are considered one of the fighting cocks with beautiful appearance and impressive fighting ability. Identifying whether or not a scaly fighting cock has apricot flowers is too difficult, mainly based on the outstanding characteristics of the legs:

Some signs to identify apricot-scale chickens 

  • Apricot chicken scales: There will be a quantity of 4 to 5 scales, they are arranged close together, forming a unique apricot flower spot shape. Located on the front side border, near the spur and usually large, standing out from the surrounding scales.
  • Color: Apricot scales Usually ivory white or pale yellow.
  • Leg shape: Chicken legs must be square, sturdy, and free of deformities.
  • Overall: Apricot-scaled fighting cocks need to have a majestic appearance, a proud gait, and an alert demeanor.

The name is derived from the fact that their scales lie close together to form apricot spots, hence the name. According to the beliefs of ancient cockmasters, fighting cocks possessing apricot-shaped scales as close to the spur as possible are rare, with good health and the ability to compete undefeated.

Tips for training and caring for healthy apricot-scaled chickens

If you are lucky enough to own an apricot-scaled chicken, don’t ignore the following care and training tips to help them develop fully!


Raising fighting chickens apricot scales Success requires an understanding of appropriate nutrition at each stage of development. To balance their nutrition and improve their health and ability to compete, the following principles should be followed:

  • Chick stage (under 5 months old): They need to eat comfortably for comprehensive development, with the main foods being: Rice, corn, paddy rice, green vegetables, fruits,…
  • Adult chicken stage (from 7 months of age and older): Avoid obesity by controlling diet. Change your diet to reduce protein and increase fiber from soaked rice. In addition, start giving them gentle exercise to increase endurance and flexibility.
  • Fully grown chicken stage: Provide a variety of foods such as rice, vegetables, fruits, and insects to ensure complete nutrition. Increase the duration and difficulty of exercises to improve strength and fighting ability.

Train and care for apricot-scaled chickens to be strong and develop well

Roof wrap method

This training method aims to improve the fighting spirit, endurance and physical strength of fighting cocks, with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Use a soft towel to wrap around the chicken’s head and neck, so that the chicken’s eyes can still be seen.
  • Step 2: Gently lift the chicken up and hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds, repeat this movement many times, then drop the chicken and let it rest.

Train chickens using the back flip method

Training methods apricot scales To help them know how to turn over quickly when they fall, avoid danger and save time fighting, how to do it:

  • Step 1: Everyone prepares a soft carpet or flat ground, gently lays the chicken on its back on the carpet, and holds the chicken’s wings tightly.
  • Step 2: Use your hand to gently stroke along the chicken’s spine from the neck to the tail, creating the feeling that the chicken is being flipped over.
  • Step 3: Repeat this action many times until the chicken gets used to flipping.


Above is information about the type apricot scales in fighting cocks as well as how to train them to be strong and have a high competitive spirit game Hi88 provide. Besides, everyone should also learn more information about how to care for and exercise them to have the best health!

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