What Food and Beverages Can I Get at Cafe Coffee Day Near Me?

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Café Coffee Day, generally known as CCD, is a global chain of coffeehouses initiated by V. G. Siddhartha in 1966. It all began in Bangalore as a small business of cultivating homegrown coffee, blending it, and serving it through the cafe. Soon, it became the favourite place for social gatherings, meetups as well as corporate meetings. Budget-friendly hot and cold coffee, snacks and milkshakes, together with comfortable chairs and tables, draw people of all age groups and financial backgrounds. Additionally, there was no limitation on the stay of the customers as they could buy one coffee and sit for hours. This idea was completely new in India as it was melded with restaurants that made sure customers left after their food was finished.

So, in this post, we will discuss the dishes and beverages that you can easily order online from Cafe Coffee Day near you and enjoy within the comfort of your home.

What Dishes and Beverages Can I Order from Cafe Coffee Day Near Me?

1. Crunchy Frappe

A Crunchy Frappe is a revitalising, cold, coffee-based drink that is mixed with milk, ice, and a number of toppings such as nuts, crushed cookies, or candy. Normally, it consists of a combination of crispy Oreos dipped in a chocolaty creamy meltdown. This beverage involves a rich and creamy consistency with a delectable crunch from the added toppings. It is a well-known summer drink that is ideal for pleasing your caffeine cravings and cooling you down on a hot, blazing day.

2.  Toasty Paneer Garlic Bread

You can be hungry at any time of the day, so here comes CCD’s Paneer Tikka Stuffed Garlic Bread to please your cravings. It is a consistent blend of mouthwatering soft paneer tikka cubes filled inside the freshly made garlic butterfly breadstick, together with lots of cheese! Sounds delectable, isn’t it? So do not waste time searching for Paneer Tikka Stuffed Garlic Bread; instead, pick up your phone and order online from one of the nearby Cafe Coffee Day outlets now!

3. Chilli Cheese Toast

Chilli Cheese Toast is a prominent snack that is easily available, and you can savour it by ordering online. It consists of slices of bread garnished with cheese and green chillies for a spicy kick. Veggies such as green bell peppers and onions are also added to it. So, why wait? Just search for the phrase Cafe Coffee Day near me on your mobile or laptop, and you will get a number of CCD outlets; you just have to pick any and order your dish.

4. Gourmet Belgian Cold Chocolate

Enjoy this holiday season with CCD’s Gourmet Belgian Hot Chocolate, which is made to perfection with the finest Belgian Chocolate, hot creamy milk and a spread of cocoa powder. If you feel like you require something more cooling and refreshing, then this Gourmet Belgian Cold Chocolate is waiting for you.

5. Signature Cold Coffee

You cannot go wrong with the Signature Cold Coffee, as it is classic and hot filter coffee, which you can now enjoy in a cool and chilled way! This cold coffee is essentially served by Cafe Coffee Day near you, which will never fail to delight you. It is an ideal mix of cold milk, coffee, and sugar over ice. This restoring drink is perfect for hot summer days when you are looking for a cool and fresh pick-me-up drink.

6. Hazelnut Frappe

Elevate your mood and day with CCD’s Hazelnut Frappe, which is a creamy combination of rich coffee and a unique hazelnut aroma. Indulge in the authentic flavours in each sip, even if you are looking for a morning zest or a siesta (afternoon) treat. Hazelnut offers a nutty taste to the rich, creamy and tempting Cafe Frappe. It is a combination of cold coffee, Hazelnut syrup, and ice, garnished with lashed or whipped cream for an additional indulgence.

7. Peri Peri Chicken Burger

When a burger comes in the form of luscious chicken blended with spice, it becomes a Peri Peri chicken burger. Flounder yourself in Cafe Coffee Day’s latest chicken burger spiced with Peri Peri sauce, iceberg, cheese, onion, tomato and cucumber, full of zest with sides of dip and chips. On the whole, it is a completely spicy and lip-smacking treat!

8. Irish Hot Chocolate

Cut the cold with the warmth of CCD’s savoury Irish Gourmet Belgian Hot Chocolate. A smooth hot chocolate base is adorned with whiskey and adorned with whipped cream and Irish cream booze for a tasty treat. It is a unique mix of Irish flavour, Belgian Dark Chocolate and milk to tickle your taste buds. So, relish in this rich, intense, and creamy essence at a Cafe Coffee Day near you or get them delivered to your doorstep by ordering online.

9. Cafe Latte

A Cafe Latte is a milk coffee that is made of steamed milk, one or two shots of espresso, and a thin layer of foamy milk on top. And this silky layer of froth is an actual highlight of the drink. These ingredients result in a uniform milky coffee that holds an appealing look and a soft consistency. An exquisite coffee taste and creamy aroma make it a coffee that is universally adored by even the most occasional coffee drinkers.

10. Red Berry Milkshake

Taste the abundance of red berries in a thick and creamy Red Berry Milkshake, offering a blast of summer sweetness with each sip. In the mid of a heatwave, this shake is an exceptional treat compared to the ice cream that you usually crave. Overall, it is a beverage that’s completely creamy and oh-so-rich. Get yours by ordering online from the nearby Cafe Coffee Day now!

Final Words

So, next time when you wish to enjoy your favourite classic beverages and scrumptious dishes, you can browse through Swiggy and order them from any Cafe Coffee Day near you. Swiggy is the top online food delivery platform that helps you get your order placed easily and delivered directly to your doorstep without waiting any longer.


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