Plants vs Zombies and JoJo Siwa coloring pages: Fun games and characters that kids can explore through coloring pages

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Color is a beautiful gift from God to humanity. How boring would it be if this world lacked colors? Colors help distinguish things and make life more beautiful, vivid, and meaningful. However, everyone, especially parents, knows how important color is to the development of each child. Join us in learning the importance of coloring for children’s development with quality products like Plants vs. Zombies and JoJo Siwa coloring sheets we bring.

Plants vs Zombies coloring pages: Game Plants vs Zombies and the fun of coloring pages.

Program Plants vs Zombies is a defense video game show published by PopCap Games. The game is a story about the heroic battle of those zombies that try to invade the player’s house to eat brains. Players need to use different plants to prevent and fight zombie accomplices. There are many types of plants for players to choose from, such as peashooters, defense plants, and Mushrooms. Zombies also have a variety of special abilities, such as wearing traffic cones and buckets to protect themselves, some can use objects to jump through trees, and powerful zombies include Gargantuars -The main antagonist of the game is Dr. Zomboss, a leader of all zombies. At the beginning of the game, the player has to choose the plants to grow in each area in a limited amount through seed packs and, to develop them, must use a currency called “sun.” The player collects sun by clicking on suns that randomly fall on the lawn or certain plants that produce sun, such as sunflowers or sun mushrooms. After planting a tree, it will take a certain amount of time to be able to plant that type of tree again; each different type of tree will have a different recharge rate. If the player wants to destroy a planted tree, they can uproot it with a shovel. When a zombie approaches the left edge of a lane, the lawnmower activates, clearing that lane’s zombies, and can no longer be used in that level; if another zombie reaches the end of the road, The player will have to restart the game screen.

Printable Plant vs Zombies coloring sheets

When it comes to Zombies or shooting or eating brains, we will think of scary horror games. However, the characters in this game are adorable; with each name and image of things in real life, the creators have redesigned them with lovely cartoon features, the characters appropriate for the player’s age, and creating an attraction for the player. We released Plants vs Zombies coloring sheets inspired by this popular game, and hopefully, kids and adults of all ages will enjoy them. In their spare time, after stressful school hours or tiring working hours, people can take Plants vs Zombies coloring pages and use their crayons to create new characters in the game. In addition, the lovely and funny pictures on the coloring page will help people feel excited and drawn to the game’s scenes. Children should discover the unique characteristics of Plants vs. Zombies because they are very familiar with plants and fruits in daily life. Children color to learn more about the attributes of things. Coloring also helps children practice concentration and skill when using pens and colors to create beautiful pictures.

Jojo Siwa coloring pages: Idols of teenage girls in the world.

If you’ve ever been a fan of American teen shows, you’ve probably come across JoJo Siwa – a familiar face in the genre. Born in 2003, JoJo Siwa is a dynamic, multi-talented Gen Z artist. She “covers” many entertainment fields, from singers, actors, and dancers to YouTuber “millions of views.” Jojo Siwa became famous when she participated in the reality show Dance Moms (she was only 11 years old). Using that as a springboard, JoJo Siwa created crazes about teen girl dance and style, becoming a role model for many teenage girls. The Gen Z star also owns many achievements in the music field, typically the two singles Boomerang and Hold The Drama. Jojo Siwa’s influence in the US is “very hot” because she surpassed her seniors, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, to become the favorite social media star at the annual Kids’ Choice Awards 2019.

And indeed, if we have followed JoJo Siwa, we are also very familiar with the image of a beautiful young girl with a big bow on her head. When she first appeared with this image, JoJo Siwa created a new phenomenon for young people; young people now also follow her style of wearing a bow on her head and have created a new fashion trend. Jojo Siwa always brings positive energy to life, and JoJo Siwa makes children worldwide – those who follow her will have a particular influence. Jojo Siwa lives a pink life, is always happy, loves life, and is talented, which will make children admire and also motivate children to try.

Printable Jojo Siwa coloring sheets

And since she is so popular with our teenage girls, we offered you a substantial collection of free JoJo Siwa coloring sheets. The pictures of Jojo Siwa with a beautiful big bow tie, the image of Jojo Siwa dancing and singing, or the image of Jojo Siwa playing with a Bow Bow dog. We describe all the pictures and activities of JoJo Siwa through the coloring pages. If you love this little girl, you can color and create costumes for JoJo Siwa to be more vivid and beautiful. Kids will surely love our coloring pages, especially girls. Coloring will help children think creatively and practice sophistication and ingenuity. These are coloring pages about people, including costumes and charisma, so if any child loves fashion, this is also a way to satisfy their passion for fashion creation. What are you waiting for? Parents, download the beautiful coloring pages to let your children learn and have fun.


Coloring – is a seemingly normal and expected activity but plays an essential role in developing young children. Coloring and drawing are activities that need children’s imagination and creativity. Children will become more observant when observing the world around them; concentration is an important lesson your child can learn from coloring. Children will learn perseverance to complete a task through coloring. Holding a pencil to paint can increase motor skills in children. Coloring makes wrists, fingers, and hands more flexible. Many children discovered their talent for painting only through painting simple drawings at a young age. Children can relax by coloring pictures with a variety of colors. Some children do not express themselves through words and actions but by expressing their “different personalities” through art. Therefore, parents should understand the importance of coloring and supporting children in this development process. Refer to Plants vs. Zombies and JoJo Siwa coloring pages and other coloring pages to collect quality pictures your child will love.

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