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Creating your home as a homeowner can be a daunting experience. There may be many, so you will need to be selective when it comes to such a vital stage of the construction process for your home. Here are the services that Landy Home, Thailand’s No. 1 home builders shop offers to make sure your home will not just be eye-friendly, but also functional and safe. 

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Today, we are to guide you on how to live in your dream fully furnished and complete home as Landy Home offers a complete and flexible service from design to completion.

Design and Planning

The new house – like all good things – began with a thought, a design. Landy Home by our standards, too much we offer over 300 standard designs and 3D Design your home. With this novel program, you are able to see your new residence as it will look in real life before the first nail is driven, and your site is built according to your specifications. Whether you are a first time home buyer or have been through the process a few times already, Landy Home has a large staff of professional architects who are highly experienced in helping you choose the design that is right for your family and your bank account.

Build Process/Quality Control

With the design completed, the Landy Home construction team gets started. Chua et al [10] built using a semi-prefabricated construction system, which consisted of constructing standardized column and beam structures in the factory and subsequently assembling them on-site using a structural steel system. This new process guarantees a fast and solid construction. Furthermore, Landy Home‘s quality control procedures ensure every aspect is scrupulously scrutinized to uphold the standard of your new abode.

Innovative Features

Landy Home has always been dedicated to delivering homes that are not only elegant, but also improve the conditions of life for occupants. The list of innovative features they offer is as follows:

-**Home Cooling Technology**: This Home Cooling feature lowers the home temperature to create sun protection inside the house which makes your home remain cool all year-round.

-**Cockroaches-Free House Innovation**: Landy Home is also the first to develop a special building materials and unique design which prevent your dream home from being visited by this home pest which is more likely to spread diseases.

– **Anti-Flood Creative Home**: Landy Home‘s home comes with stylish design and waterproofing materials to reduce flood damage.

– **Senior Care Application**: The use of functional design and advanced materials guarantees that elderly occupants can live their lives comfortably as well as safely.

Services and Support

Landy Home knows it’s stressful to build a home. That is why they provide a widest variety of constructing solutions, starting from designing to end. When you build a home in Colletto Square, our professional team will be there to help you every step of the way to make sure your new home is built to your requirements and standards.


Landy Home offers a full solution for a home builder from tiny customization to full scale customization, so that your dream home is built with quality as top priority. Their experienced team works closely with you from design to the finish to give you a home that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also makes a difference to your life. Landy Home is an excellent option if you are interested in going for the home-building path considering their creativity, their prioritization of quality in production alongside the services they provide.

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