How Much Is A Polaroid Camera In 2023?

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If you are from the Gen Z lot, who have grown up with smartphones with high-resolution cameras which let you take pictures and see them the very second they are taken, then let me tell you that long ago, people used to wait around for days to look at a picture they had taken which might surprise some of you.

However, there was a guy in 1944 whose daughter asked him why she could not see the picture they had taken there and then. That same guy then used his brains and developed the technique, which led to the creation of a new technology that allowed for instant photography called Polaroid.

As Polaroid hit the market, they became very famous as people could now have their photo in hand within a minute instead of waiting for a day or a week. So if you are in the market to purchase one and are curious about its price, I will tell you, how much is a Polaroid Camera?

History Of Polaroid Camera

The inspiration for the Polaroid Camera came into the mind of an American Scientist called Edwin H. Land. He was already running a company which created visual products on vacation with his family.

His daughter, who was just three years old at the time, wanted to look at the pictures they had taken but was told that she had to wait to which she asked why could she not see them now.

Image of the Edwin H Land

This question inspired Lands, who claims that he started working on a camera with the ability of instant photography that day.

However, it took Lands some four years to finish his work, and for the first time, instant photography became a reality when the Polaroid Land Model 95 Camera hit the market.

This camera became a revolution in the photography market and soon propelled Polaroid to become a market leader.

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How Much Is A Vintage Polaroid Camera Worth?

Polaroid released a lot of cameras during their long run till 2008. You can still find new Polaroid cameras; however, if you are interested in purchasing a vintage polaroid camera, you can easily find them in all the popular online marketplaces.

A vintage Polaroid will cost you according to its condition. If you want an old camera that has had its day, you can get one for as cheap as $20.

However, if you want a Polaroid that has been cared for and is in new condition, then be ready to shell out anywhere from $150 at the lower end to $400 at the high end.

How Much Does Polaroid Camera Cost?

The older polaroids might cost a pretty penny; however, new Polaroid cameras can be found relatively cheaper and work even better. They can also be acquired very easily from places like Amazon and eBay.

Image of a Polaroid Camera
Image Credits: Jakob Owens

So, if you are looking for a Polaroid Camera, you can find it for around $100. the prices may vary from marketplace to marketplace and depending upon the model; however, this is the expected price you should keep in mind while buying a Polaroid.

If you want an instant camera but do not want to spend that much, then there are instant cameras from companies like Kodak, which cost half of what Polaroid offers.

So, How Much Is A Polaroid Camera?

Polaroids are great cameras, no doubt if you want a piece of memory in your hand as soon as you capture them. The picture taken by a Polaroid will always feel vintage, and if you use one during a vacation, then I am sure you will get some great photos out of it.

So, if you collect vintage cameras and want a Vintage Polaroid, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for the privilege of owning one of them, as they cost around $150 to $400 in like-new conditions.

However, if you want a Polaroid so that you can make some memories and not as a collector item, you can get a brand new one from Amazon for $100.


The Polaroid Camera, in my opinion, is an invention that came out love a father had for his daughter, and in the last 70 years, it has captured many a memory. These cameras, despite being obsolete due to the invention of the smartphone, still signify something special.

A Polaroid Photo will always have a different effect on you and induce different emotions that a Smart Phone camera can never cause. So, even though they are obsolete, owning one and creating memories with it will always be worth it.

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