How Does Marvel Rivals Compare To Overwatch 2?

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The hero shooter genre is brimming with contenders, and two recent additions vying for player attention are Marvel Rivals and Overwatch 2. We will today find out which one is better for you. 

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Universe and Lore

  • Marvel Rivals: Dive into the Marvel Universe. Play as characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. Every character possesses a distinct set of abilities.. You can become an ally of other characters. Or, you can form a rivalry with them. As players play through the game, they’ll get tidbits of the storyline.
  • Overwatch 2: Step into a future Earth grappling with omnic (sentient robot) crises and international conflicts. Overwatch, a disbanded peacekeeping force, reassembles to face new threats. The narrative is primarily delivered through story Overwatch 2 missions and cinematics, introducing new Overwatch 2 characters and lore segments.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Marvel Rivals: This game focuses on teamwork-oriented gameplay with a 6v6 setup, where players take on one of three Overwatch 2 character roles; Tank (Vanguard), Damage Dealer (Duelist), or Support (Strategist). Every Overwatch 2 hero brings a set of abilities that draw inspiration from Overwatch characters demanding strategic thinking and adaptability.
  • Overwatch 2: Pick from a cast of Overwatch 2 heroes spanning across Tank, Damage, and Support roles. Each Overwatch 2 hero offers a playstyle that promotes collaboration and skillful use of their powers. Various objectives like Escorting the Payload Pushing the Payload and Capturing the Point keep the gameplay engaging.

Similarities and Differences in Hero Design

  • Similarities: Both games feature Overwatch 2 heroes with unique abilities and ultimate attacks that charge over time. Both emphasize character mastery and strategic use of abilities to secure victory.
  • Differences: Marvel Rivals heroes often feel like amalgams of Overwatch heroes. For example, Star-Lord might resemble a mix of Tracer and Soldier 76. Additionally, Marvel Rivals features more vertical movement due to characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man.


  • Marvel Rivals: Details are still emerging, but the game likely utilizes a freemium model with cosmetic microtransactions for character skins and emotes. There might also be purchasable characters or progression boosters.
  • Overwatch 2: This game is free-to-play. There is a Overwatch 2 Battle Pass system for cosmetic rewards. Players can still purchase specific skins or bundles directly. Some reports suggest new Overwatch 2 heroes might be initially exclusive to Battle Pass owners before becoming earnable through in-game challenges.

The Verdict: A Matter of Preference

Both Marvel Rivals and Overwatch 2 offer exciting team-based action. Here’s a quick rundown of each to help you choose between the two shooters:

  • Pick Marvel Rivals if:
    • You wanted to play as your favorite Marvel character. 
    • You want a game that offers fast-paced action. 
  • Pick Overwatch 2 if:
    • You crave the established lore and world of Overwatch.
    • You prefer a more traditional hero shooter experience with distinct Overwatch 2 roles and objective types.

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