Are Old Cameras Worth Anything? (Treasure or Trash?)

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Old Cameras Worth Anything

From a very young age, I had a passion for photography. At the age of nine, I got my first personal camera as a gift for my birthday. Since then, I have sold and purchased hundreds of cameras and their accessories.

One thing that every photography enthusiast, like myself, loves is old vintage cameras. But buying, using, maintaining, and selling these cameras is not as easy as people think.

There are no specific marketplaces for such cameras, and this really makes buying and selling vintage cameras a very stressful task.

After spending years learning how to buy and sell classic cameras, I thought of making a guide for people who are thinking of taking this up as a hobby and are not sure if old cameras are worth anything.

So stay with me till the end of this blog to learn the art of identifying, appraising, buying, and selling vintage cameras.

Where Can You Sell Classic Cameras?

There are many marketplaces where you can sell anything. If you are not aware of any specific market or shop that buys classic cameras, you can just sell your cameras on sites like eBay. In fact, I got my first classic camera off of a similar site.

image of some old cameras
Credits: Ramon Salinero

But the problem with selling cameras on such sites is that there aren’t many buyers available there. This not only delays the process of selling your camera, but you rarely get the actual value of the camera.

Plus, these marketplaces have all sorts of items listed on them, and new items are listed every minute, making your ad get lost among the rest of the advertisements.

How Can You Estimate The Value Of Old Cameras?

One thing that I always do before buying or selling any of my cameras is to check to see what similar models are going for on the market. If the camera is not a classic, I can easily find similar listings on Craigslist or eBay.

The FE2 Nikon Camera
Credits: Diego Geraldi

To estimate the value of any of my classic vintage cameras, I first check if there are any similar cameras listed for sale. Vintage cameras are usually sold in auctions and similar events. So the next thing that I do is to see how much a similar camera was sold at an auction.

These tricks give me a much more accurate idea of how much my camera is worth.

How Can You Use eBay For Estimates?

eBay is a huge marketplace with millions of active listings. Searching for similar products and checking for how much other sellers are selling a similar product gives a pretty accurate estimate of how much your product is worth.

While searching for similar products, what I like to do is apply filters to the listings. This way, I only get to see the product I’m looking for.

The next thing that I do after this is sort their prices from highest to lowest. After I know the highest and lowest price for a product, I list my product and set a price for it according to its condition.

Are There Any Markets For Old Cameras?

There are multiple markets that are completely dedicated to buying and selling old cameras and their accessories. Some of these are available online, and some can be found in your city physically.

When it comes to selling or buying relatively newer models of used cameras, I prefer doing it physically at my local market.

The reason why I prefer this is that I can check the quality and condition of the equipment personally and satisfy myself.

For my vintage cameras, I prefer using the online platforms. This way, I can see a variety of products available, and then to finalize the deal, I meet the seller physically in some cafe or restaurant.

What Old Cameras Are Valuable?

Unfortunately, not all vintage cameras are worth a lot. While some are worth thousands of dollars, some merely go for less than a hundred dollars.

The price of a vintage camera depends upon multiple factors. One of the major factors that affect the value of a vintage camera is its rarity. If a camera was mass produced and was easily available to the public, then these cameras would be worth a lot.

image of some euros with cameras

Another factor that affects the value of a classic camera is its desirability. If the camera is wanted by many people and is not easily available, then its price automatically goes up as collectors are willing to pay hefty amounts for such cameras.

Kodak Offers Cash Incentives For Unwanted Cameras, Lenses, And Accessories

A few years back, Kodak launched an initiative to encourage the habit of recycling among its consumers. Kodak partnered with Smash Direct to launch a program for its U.S.-based customers so that they can dispose of unwanted cameras, camera accessories, and printers.

Users could directly go to Kodak’s trade-off site and register themselves. Once registered, they had the option to select what gear they wanted to trade.

After this, users received a quotation. Once they had accepted the quotation, they could send the gear to Kodak. Once the gear was received and inspected, a check equal to the quoted amount was sent to the consumer.

So, Are Old Cameras Worth Anything?

While some old vintage and modern cameras are worth something, not all old cameras will bring in thousands of dollars to your bank account.

If you ask me, I would say that money is not the only thing that makes something worthwhile. Sometimes there are some sentimental values attached to certain objects which are much greater than their value in terms of money.

image of some vintage camera on home shelf

Monetarily, most modern cameras might not return the amount you had invested in them initially, but if you talk about vintage cameras, the market for such cameras is growing rapidly, and collectors are paying large sums of money to get their hands on their desired classic early-generation cameras, and you can earn a few bucks by trading them.


Despite the fact that many vintage cameras are worth a lot, not everyone gets the best price. Some won’t get you more than a few dollars, and some are totally worthless monetarily. It totally depends on the model of your camera.

So, if you want to make some quick money by selling your old camera and its accessories, do your research as I previously stated.

Try to set a price that is in accordance with the market value of the equipment, and BOOM! Who knows, you could be possessing a treasure box in the form of a vintage camera!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#Q1- What can you do with old cameras?

Answer: You can sell those old cameras to someone else. There are a number of marketplaces for this purpose.

Or, if you are a photography enthusiast, you can start buying more old cameras and start your own camera collection. Or you could simply recycle it.

#Q2- How much is a 1950s camera worth?

Answer: If it is classified as a professional camera, then it may be worth a few hundred dollars, and some might fetch around a thousand dollars as well. But if you talk about the polaroids or others, unfortunately, they hardly go for twenty-three dollars.

#Q3- What is the most valuable vintage camera?

Answer: There are a few vintage cameras that are super rare and highly sought after by collectors, and they manage to bag millions of dollars. One such camera is Oskar Barnack’s Leica. This camera was sold for 15 million dollars, making it the most expensive camera.

#Q4- How much can I get for an old camera?

Answer: This depends upon which camera you have. Some of these old cameras go for thousands of dollars, while some go for less than a hundred dollars. If you have an old professional camera, then you can easily get at least a few hundred dollars.

#Q5- Are old cameras still good?

Answer: Old cameras might still be able to capture photos if they are maintained and are in good shape. But still, with the technological advancements, the picture quality of an old camera would not be able to compete with the picture quality of a modern camera.

#Q6- Are old Kodak cameras worth money?

Answer: Some of Kodak’s cameras are worth money, while some are not. The value of a camera depends on its model and how much it is sought after. Some of the commonly available models are not worth more than a few hundred dollars.

#Q7- What are vintage film cameras called?

Answer: Vintage film cameras are commonly known as point-and-shoot cameras. This is because these vintage cameras did not offer much when it came to manual controls. All you could do was load films and click pictures with them.

Further, if you want to know more about film cameras then make sure you have to check this post film cameras for beginners.

#Q8- How much is an old Polaroid camera worth?

Answer: While one might think that polaroids were a huge revolution in the camera industry, thus making old polaroid cameras worth a lot of money, I hate to be the one to break it to you that old polaroids hardly sell for twenty-thirty dollars.

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