How To Connect GoPro To Your Computer Easily?

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How To Connect GoPro To Computer Cover

There is no denying that GoPro is considered to be one of the action cameras available in the market, and for anyone who is looking for a complete experience, going for a GoPro is a great way, to be honest.

The experience it provides you is beyond immeasurable, and sure, the market has a lot of options that you can use, but the experience provided by GoPro is unique.

If you have been trying to connect the camera to a computer and wondering how to connect GoPro to computer, then this guide is for you because we are going to be looking at how to make that possible, and trust me, it is not at all difficult.

The process is simple, and we are going to explore all the options that you can use.

#1- You can manually connect your GoPro with a USB cable.

One of the simplest methods of handling this is just going ahead and manually connecting your GoPro with a USB cable.

I do understand that it might be difficult for some, but overall, this method is a lot easier than you might think and does not take a lot of hassle, either. So, just be sure that you are connecting it with the proper cable, and you are good to go.

Gopro type c pin
Credits: GoPro

Once the GoPro is connected, you might need to set it up, but this is not always needed as the OS automatically picks it up, and things are all settled from there. Just be sure that you are connected with a good cable, and you are all sorted.

The next step is that you go ahead and transfer the images with ease, and you are all set without any complications.

#2- Upload with SD Card Reader (Fastest Method)

The next step is that you can go ahead and use the SD card reader. This is perhaps the fastest method there is, and almost all the laptops have a micro SD or SD card slot, so you can just go ahead and pop the card in and be done with it.

image of some memory cards and a card reader

However, I have to mention that there are times when we do not possess a card reader, and that is one thing that you might have to keep in mind.

Overall, this is not at all an issue that people might be going through. However, if you think using a card reader is not the way you want to go, then there are more ways that we are going to explore for your convenience.

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#3- Use Quik for Desktop by GoPro

If the aforementioned method are not something that you are okay with and you are looking to use some other method, then do not worry, as you do get access to some other offerings, as well. For instance, you can just go ahead and use Quik for Desktop by GoPro.

It is a software by GoPro that allows you quickly perform a number of operations all within the app. Users can go ahead and access and edit their GoPro photos and videos.

Quik app by gopro

The software allows you to easily import and export your footage without making it complicated and can be used by anyone with ease of access.

I have been using Quik for some time now, and honestly, it is one of the best software that you can get your hands on, and the experience it delivers is great, too.

#4- Using Image Capture

Another suggestion that I have for everyone is that if you are trying to be sure that your images are being properly delivered into the system, you can connect your GoPro to your computer using image capture, and that will get you access to all the images and videos you have on your GoPro, and that should be enough.

Things are never complicated, and having access to the right software or method is more than enough to know that you are doing something the right way.

Again, it is not something that is going to create any issues for you because using image capture to get things in order is a lot easier than you might think in the first place.


Needless to say, having the ability to connect your GoPro to the computer is one of the best ways to go about it.

However, it is also something that not everyone is familiar with. The purpose of this guide was to ensure that everyone who is looking to try that has an easier experience in making that happen, and we made sure that we are covering all aspects of it because that is the whole crux of this article.

All the points that were needed were covered in detail, and now that you have gone through it, you will have a much easier and simpler time going ahead and connecting your GoPro to your computer. The purpose here was to make life easier for everyone, and well, we have done just that.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I transfer files from my GoPro to my computer?

You can use all the methods that are listed in this post and successfully transfer files from your GoPro to your computer.

Why can’t I see my GoPro when I plug it into my computer?

More often than not, when you do not have the drivers installed, this issue can become a problem for many users. Just install the drivers, and you are good to go.

How do I connect my GoPro to my computer wirelessly?

You can connect your GoPro to your computer wirelessly by just going through this guide, as it caters to everything.

Why won’t my GoPro connect?

There could be issues with your network connection, or the wire you are using that is causing the GoPro to not connect with your computer.

Does GoPro use WiFi or Bluetooth?

Yes, your GoPro does come with WiFi and Bluetooth as standard connection protocols for easier access.

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