Taj Cross Age: Surprising Details Inside!

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As of 2204, the Taj Cross Age is 20 Years. Born on February 11, 2004, Taj developed a passion for acting at a young age and made his professional debut at just 15 years old. Taj Cross is a young and talented actor from Venice, California. His impressive acting skills have already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

His parents, Christena Karras and Jake Cross, have significantly influenced his life and supported him in pursuing his dreams. Despite his young age, Taj has appeared in popular shows like PEN15 and In a Creative Company. We will look closer at Taj Cross’s rise to fame in the acting world.

Taj Cross Wife Bio/Wiki

Attribute Details
Full name Taj Cross
Gender Male
Date of birth 11 February 2004
Age 20 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Place of birth Venice, California, United States
Current residence Venice, California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity British-Irish
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Father Jake Cross
Mother Christena Karras
Siblings 1
Relationship status Single
School Ruskin Group Theatre Company, DC Dance Centre
Profession Actor, dancer

Who Is Taj Cross?

Taj Cross Age: Surprising Details Inside!

Taj Cross is an emerging talent in Hollywood. He embarked on his acting journey at 15. This young actor hails from Venice, California. He’s known for his role in Hulu’s PEN15. His portrayal of Sam won hearts. Besides acting, Taj is passionate about dancing. He trained in various studios.

Taj’s early start in theater set his path. He appeared in productions like Beauty and the Beast. His dedication to acting and dancing is evident. At 20, Taj is already making waves. His journey from painting to performing is inspiring. Taj’s story is just beginning. He promises to be a star to watch.

Taj Cross’s Early Life and Family

Born into a creative family, Taj’s early years were vibrant. His mother, Christena, founded an interior design studio. Thus, inspiration surrounded him from the start. His father, Jake, also contributed to his creative upbringing. The family dynamic shifted with his parents’ divorce. Yet, it brought his stepfather, CJ Bonura, into his life.

His sister, Camille, was a constant companion growing up. Education was a mix of traditional schooling and artistic training. By June 2019, Taj had finished high school. After that, he dived into acting and dancing lessons. Studios like Grey and Second City sharpened his skills. This foundation paved the way for his early success in acting.

Taj Cross’s Amazing Career 

Taj Cross Age: Surprising Details Inside!

Taj Cross embarked impressively on his acting career. In 2019, at just 15, he debuted in Hulu’s hit series, PEN15. His role as Sam instantly captured viewers’ hearts. This part showcased his acting prowess. It also marked his entry into the spotlight. His talent did not go unnoticed. By 2020, he had expanded his portfolio.

 He appeared in a podcast series, showcasing versatility. Despite his youth, Taj has achieved notable success. His journey is both inspiring and captivating. With each role, he continues to grow. His achievements underscore his potential. Taj is one to watch. His future in the industry looks bright.

Taj Cross Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Measurement Details
Height 5’4″ (163 cm)
Weight 117 lbs (53 kgs)
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown


Taj Cross Wife/Girlfriend and Relationship Status

Details about Taj Cross’s romantic life remain under wraps. However, fans are still curious about their love interests. At 20 years old, Taj focuses on his burgeoning career. Consequently, his personal life takes a back seat in public discussions. Speculation about a significant other is common among fans.

Yet, Taj chooses to keep such information private. Respecting his decision, we can only speculate. Meanwhile, his acting and dancing careers flourish. Indeed, when Taj is ready, he might share more. Until then, his relationship status is a mystery. This only adds to the allure of his rising stardom.

Taj Cross Net Worth

Estimating Taj Cross’s net worth in 2024 is $100,000. His acting career, notably in PEN15, boosts his financial status. Additionally, his skills in painting and dancing contribute. These endeavors likely enhance his earnings. Consequently, his wealth is presumed to have grown. While exact figures are undisclosed, industry trends suggest a positive trajectory.

The success of PEN15 and personal projects play a role. Thus, his net worth is expected to reflect his burgeoning career. Financial specifics remain private, yet anticipation around his earnings builds. This budding actor’s financial journey is closely watched. Indeed, his net worth in 2024 will captivate many.

Future Plan and Goals

Taj Cross’s aspirations stretch far beyond his current achievements. Eagerly, he aims to expand his portfolio. Transitioning into more diverse roles is a top priority. Equally, he seeks to conquer bigger stages. Both in acting and in dance, his dreams are vast. He was also directing and producing looms for the future.

He yearns to tell stories, his own and others. Collaborations with esteemed artists beckon him. Moreover, Taj plans to use his platform for social causes. Notably, he wants to inspire young talents. His journey thus far is just the beginning. Indeed, the Taj Cross is destined for remarkable heights.

Taj Cross Social Media

Taj Cross Age: Surprising Details Inside!

Taj Cross shines brightly on social media platforms. His Instagram, in particular, boasts a vibrant following. With 86K followers, his profile is a hub of activity. Here, fans get a glimpse into his world. His posts range from behind-the-scenes shots to personal moments. They showcase his life beyond the camera.

Moreover, this platform allows him to connect directly with his audience. He shares updates, engages with followers, and spreads positivity. Through Instagram, Taj’s creative spirit truly comes to life. This digital space reflects his journey, inspirations, and aspirations. It’s a window into the life of a rising star, offering an intimate look at his day-to-day.

Fun Facts about Taj Cross Age

  • Aquarius Creativity:

Born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, Taj’s innovative and creative traits shine brightly in his acting and painting endeavors.

  • Teenage Debut:

At just 15, Taj stepped into the limelight with his acting debut, showcasing his talent at an age when most are just navigating high school.

  • Early Bloomer:

Taj’s passion for the arts was evident early on, diving into acting and painting before his teenage years, indicating a prodigious start.

  • Educational Milestone:

By the age of 15, Taj had made his acting debut and completed his high school education, a testament to his determination and focus.

  • Family of Creatives:

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the arts, Taj’s environment was a fertile ground for nurturing his talents from a young age.

  • Versatile Artist:

Besides acting, Taj is a skilled painter and dancer, showcasing his versatility and dedication to exploring different facets of the arts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taj Cross Age

How old is Taj Cross in 2024?

Taj Cross will be 20 years old in 2024. His early start in the acting world has already set a promising path for his career, with significant roles in shows like PEN15 showcasing his talent at a young age.

What Zodiac sign is the Taj Cross?

Taj Cross was born under the Aquarius zodiac sign. His birthdate on February 11 makes him an Aquarian, known for their creativity and innovation—traits Taj embodies through his acting and artistic endeavors.

Did Taj Cross finish high school early?

Yes, Taj Cross completed his high school education in June 2019. This early achievement allowed him to focus more on acting and dancing, further honing his skills in both artistic fields.

At what age did Taj Cross make his acting debut?

Taj Cross made his professional acting debut at the age of 15. This early introduction to the entertainment industry paved the way for his rising career, demonstrating his dedication and passion for the arts from a young age.

Conclusion About Taj Cross Age

Taj Cross, at 20, is on an exceptional journey. His talent shines, marking him as a force in the acting world. His story so far is inspiring. It shows that age is just a number. What truly matters is passion and hard work. Taj has both in abundance.

With each year, he grows more in skill. His potential is limitless. The world eagerly watches his next steps. His career is sure to soar even higher. Let’s cheer him on as he continues to amaze us. Taj’s journey reminds us to pursue our dreams, regardless of age.


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