Notti Osama Age: Everything You Need to Know

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Are You Curious To Know About Notti Osama Age? Notti Osama was a rising star in the world of drill rap, but his life was tragically cut short at 14. He was born on January 8, 2008, in Harlem, New York. Notti, whose real name was Ethan Reyes, was the youngest of six children. He had a passion for music and had already gained a following on his YouTube channel, with over 10,000 streams of his music.

However, on July 9, 2022, Notti’s life came to a tragic end when he was stabbed to death in a fight at a Manhattan underground station. His death shocked the hip-hop community and sparked a conversation about the rising violence among young artists. Despite his short life, Notti left a mark on the world with his talent and potential. We will dive into everything there is to know about Notti Osama, from his age and date of birth to his rise in the music industry and untimely death.

Notti Osama Bio/Wiki:

Attribute Details
Full Name Ethan Reyes 
Famous as Notti Osama
Date of Birth January 8, 2008
Place of Birth Harlem, New York
Age at Death 14 years old
Date of Death July 9, 2022
Place of Death Manhattan underground station, New York
Birth Sign Capricorn
Siblings Brothers: DD Osama, JayKlickin, JStar Balla, Sister: Melz
Occupation Aspiring hip-hop artist and rapper
Cause of Death Stabbed to death following an altercation at 137th Street/City College station, Manhattan
Net Worth Approximately $100,000 – $500,000 USD (as of 2022)

Who Is Notti Osama?

Notti Osama Age: Everything You Need to Know

Notti Osama was more than just an emerging drill rapper. He embodied the spirit of Harlem’s rich musical heritage. Rising swiftly in a genre known for its gritty realism, he captured the attention of many. Ethan Reyes, his given name, was deeply connected to his roots. His music, imbued with the struggles and dreams of youth, resonated deeply.

Tragically, his budding career was halted, leaving fans mourning a talent gone too soon. Yet, his legacy, through the beats and bars he left behind, continues to inspire. Notti’s story is a poignant reminder of youthful potential and the harsh realities that often cut dreams short.

Notti Osama’s Early Life and Family

Notti Osama Age: Everything You Need to Know

Notti Osama grew up in a lively household in Harlem. Surrounded by his five siblings, he found early inspiration. His brothers, DD Osama, JayKlickin, and JStar Balla, shared his musical journey. Even Melz, his sister, added to the familial harmony. Their parents nurtured supportive environment. In this setting, Notti’s talent flourished.

From a young age, he showed an exceptional passion for music. His education reflected a blend of academic learning and artistic exploration. Indeed, his upbringing played a crucial role in his artistic development. Moreover, this foundation paved the way for his budding career in the hip-hop world.

Notti Osama’s Amazing Career

Notti Osama burst onto the scene, quickly catching ears. His drill rap resonated, telling tales from his young heart. By 2022, his tracks streamed over 10,000 times, a notable feat. Each release showcased his evolving talent. His music, filled with raw emotion, earned him acclaim. Fans appreciated his authentic voice in the drill genre.

Despite his career’s brevity, he achieved remarkable milestones. His artistry was noticed, drawing in a loyal following. Moreover, his influence stretched beyond music, touching lives. Through his work, Notti left an indelible mark. Indeed, his legacy continues to inspire, even after his tragic passing.

Notti Osama Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Physical Attributes Details
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
Weight Not Publicly Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Cause Of Notti Osama Death

On a fateful day in July 2022, Notti’s life ended. He was at a Manhattan underground station. A disagreement escalated, turning tragic fast. His assailant, a 15-year-old, became entangled in conflict. In the chaos, Notti suffered a fatal stab wound. Authorities responded, arresting the teen involved. Initially, he faced a charge of second-degree murder.

Yet, further investigation led to a reduced charge. First-degree manslaughter was the final decision. This event underscored the harsh reality of street disputes. It also sparked debates on youth violence. Notti’s untimely departure left a void in music and hearts. His story remains a poignant reminder of life’s fragility.

Notti Osama Net Worth

Notti Osama Age: Everything You Need to Know

Despite his youth, Notti Osama’s talent shone brightly. His music had already made waves. With over 10,000 streams on YouTube, his impact was clear. His rising star in drill rap hinted at great potential. This, in turn, suggested a promising financial future. At the time of his passing, estimates placed his net worth between USD 100k-500k. Such figures are impressive, especially for a teenager.

Indeed, it reflected his growing influence in the music scene and underscored the potential earnings his career could have amassed. Sadly, his journey was cut short. Yet, these numbers offer a glimpse into what might have been. They also highlight the legacy he left behind, albeit brief.

Notti Osama Social Media

Notti Osama’s digital presence was notable in the realm of social media. Instagram mainly showcased his reach, boasting 460K followers. Here, fans connected with him deeply, sharing love and support. Each post he made was a glimpse into his world. Through images and captions, Notti engaged his audience, revealing his journey.

Music snippets, personal thoughts, and life snapshots filled his feed. These interactions fostered a tight-knit community around his persona. Importantly, it was a space where his legacy flourished posthumously. Admirers and new listeners alike continue to discover his talent there. Indeed, Notti’s social media remains a vibrant testament to his enduring impact.

Fun Facts about Notti Osama Age

  • Born into Music:

Notti Osama entered the world in 2008, a year that saw hip-hop continue to dominate global music charts.

  • A Young Star:

By 14, he had already significantly impacted the drill rap scene, a feat some artists spend decades trying to achieve.

  • Sibling Synergy:

Growing up in a musically inclined family, Notti wasn’t just a solo act. His brothers and sister provided a built-in support system and creative sounding board.

  • Digital Footprint:

Even in his early teens, Notti Osama’s music reached audiences worldwide, amassing over 10,000 streams on YouTube alone.

  • Legacy Beyond Years:

Despite his young age, Notti left behind a legacy many older artists strive for. His music continues to inspire and resonate with fans.

  • A Tragic End at Fourteen:

Notti’s life was tragically cut short at an age when most teenagers are just beginning to explore their identity and place in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Notti Osama Age

How old was Notti Osama when he passed away?

Notti Osama was only 14 years old at the time of his tragic death. He was a young talent whose life was cut short due to violence in July 2022.

What year was Notti Osama born?

Notti Osama was born in 2008. His birthday falls on January 8th, marking him as a young artist who made a significant impact in a brief period.

Did Notti Osama’s age impact his music career?

Despite his young age, Notti Osama achieved notable success in the drill rap scene. His music garnered over 10,000 streams on YouTube, showcasing his potential and impact.

At what age did Notti Osama start his music career?

Although the exact age at which Notti Osama started his music career is not documented, his rapid rise and the significant attention his work received by age 14 highlight his early start and natural talent in music.

Conclusion About Notti Osama Age

Reflecting on Notti Osama’s age reveals much more than numbers. At just 14, his life was rich with potential. His music journey, although brief, was impactful. This young artist’s legacy is a testament to his talent. It also highlights the challenges young talents face today.

His story inspires and serves as a poignant reminder. Let’s cherish and support our youth, guiding them toward peaceful expressions. Notti’s journey, though short-lived, will forever influence the music scene. His age, at his passing, underscores a life filled with promise. Let us remember him for his contributions and the joy he brought to many.


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